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Discover Sunshine Travel specializes in organizing destination weddings in tropical paradises, collaborating closely with clients and resorts to create unforgettable experiences. Compared to the rising costs of hosting local weddings in Ontario, opting for a destination wedding can offer significant savings.


With Discover Sunshine Travel, couples can combine their wedding and honeymoon into one seamless week-long event, enjoying the beauty and serenity of exotic locales while celebrating their love.


Whether it's your first wedding, or just looking to renew your vows with friends and family, you can count on Discover Sunshine Travel to help up find the perfect destination.


Discover Sunshine Travel specializes in group travel arrangements to all-inclusive sunny destinations as well as cruises. Whether clients are seeking the warmth of a tropical beach or the excitement of a cruise adventure, Discover Sunshine Travel caters to their needs. With a focus on creating memorable group experiences, the agency offers comprehensive travel planning services for both sunny getaways and cruise excursions.


From coordinating accommodations to arranging activities and excursions, Discover Sunshine Travel ensures that every aspect of the journey is seamlessly organized for group travellers, promising unforgettable vacations filled with sunshine and relaxation.

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